5 Tips To Turn On The Style With Simple Clothing

October 20, 2017

5 Tips To Turn On The Style With Simple Clothing

The Right Choices Choosing A Leather Jacket

5 Tips To Turn On The Style With Simple Clothing

Tired of your everyday, normal clothes? Want to follow trends but don’t believe you have the means to do it? Well what if I told you, that fashion is in everything and your clothing really actually matters to the point in regards to how you wear them.

They say, your clothing is a reflection of you. Well, the way you dress up and how you make the best of simple clothing items - makes your fashion statement and makes you who you are.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cloth you have. What matters is the person living inside those clothes. To make the most of all the fashion possible, why not try out these tips below that can help you turn on the style with simple clothing.

Tip #1 - Roll Up Your Sleeves

Biker Jacket

Wearing a simple shirt gets boring! Try lifting up your mood, by rolling up your sleeves. This shows an independent and a tough girl look. These sleeves work both on T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.

Tip: Be careful while rolling them sleeves, you don’t want too much tan.

Tip # 2 Try Knotts

Biker Jacket

Knotted shirts and t-shirts are always sexy and we all can agree on that. Knotted shirts show fun-loving and young nature of a girl. So don’t wait around and turn on your style with some knots.

Tip #3 Cut Your Pants

Biker Jacket

To turn your old jeans into a trend, all you need is just a pair of scissors and wild imagination. Either you cut your pants into shorts or make some patches.

Torn pants are cool, but you have to be aware that you don’t make a wrong cut or it will simply just ruin your perfect jeans.

Tip # 4 Go rough

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The rule I personally follow is going rough. Being casual is much better than being formal. Some rough hairstyle, some torn pants, and a rough sweatshirt is always much better than a perfect dressing.

Tip #5 Play with your hairs

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Try to pick a hairstyle that simply just adds glimmer to your dressing. You do not have to be too formal, you do not have to be too casual, simply use your imagination. It’s never a bad idea to create a new hairstyle!

Are you having a tough time breaking out of the usual fashion? Well why not share your problems with us in the comment section and we can discuss how you can make things better.

The Right Choices Choosing A Leather Jacket

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