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A Guide On How to Pick A Perfect Bag

October 10, 2017

A Guide On How to Pick A Perfect Bag


A Guide On How to Pick A Perfect Bag

Fashion is not just about your cloths. Sure, clothing is the essential part of your style statement but there is always need for something more. A little bit of sugar and spice in form of the right accessories can give your style statement a significant boost.

Among the many accessories that add more value to your fashion statement or you outfit is your choice of bag. Yes, bags play a vital role in styling up your daily outfit and can be the booster you need to be considered a fashionista among your peers.

But how do you pick a bag that goes not only with your outfit? But suits your personality?

After spending two years of buying bags and going through different styles, I have come to the conclusion that there are a few points you must keep in mind when you’re looking to pick a perfect bag for yourself.

Go with Versatility


Your bags should be in contrast of your outfits. Always go with those bags that match the outfits you are wearing today. This does not mean that you have to purchase different bags, just to match your outfit. You can go with colors that can go with everything. Black, brown, metallic skin and gray have the ability to go with every color.

Go for Leather


When looking for a perfect handbag, do prefer leather, as it almost guarantees the durability of your handbag. Leather handbags are not just durable, but are also trendy and keeps the style together with safety.

Go with the right size


Before purchasing a perfect bag, keep one thing in mind. Perfect bags come in all shapes and sizes. But your perfect bag should vary depending upon your style.

You should pick a bag that goes well with the kind of person you are, be reflective and never go for something that won’t fit well.

Go For The Right Density


Your bag is not just for a show, you have to carry something in it too. Try to look for something that is not only durable but also should have enough space, to carry your belongings. While looking for a perfect bag, make sure that your bag can hold your belongings, or else it is not serving it’s purpose

I am sure you might have other things in mind as well because you’re probably a more regular shopper than me. However, a bag can tell wonders about your style and this is what I would always go for if I am looking to get a perfect bag.

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