How To Keep Your Shoes Looking Like New All The Time

September 19, 2017

How To Keep Your Shoes Looking Like New All The Time


How To Keep Your Shoes Looking Like New All The Time

Whether you own 5 pairs of shoes or have a closet full of them - a question that will have popped up at least once in your mind is.

How to keep your shoes looking like new and clean all the time?

We’ve all been there. I’ll admit it, I have a lot of shoes and it’s a question that’s always been there for me. So how do I deal with it? Well having a huge collection of shoes to rotate through does help now, does it not?


With that being said, you can’t always resort to buying new shoes every time you’ve worn your old one’s out. And it’s also important that your shoes look like new and maintain their visual appeal so that you’re always looking fashionable.

So what do you then?

Well, after having gone through a couple of hundred shoes in my life, I have managed to note down some of the most simple tips and tricks that can help you do that. I mean things like …..

1 - Keeping Your Shoes Clean

Sounds obvious and simple? But that’s not all there is to it. If you want your shoes to look like new all the time, you have to take care of them - there is no second opinion on that.

And guess what? It does not have to take that much time either.

Really, it takes a total of 10 minutes for me to take care of my shoes with a simple shoe care kit I got from the supermarket and viola, I am all set.

What I do is that whenever I get home I take a look at my shoes and decide whether they require cleaning or not. It’s really important to pick this habit up and make sure you clean your shoes before you put them back in the closet.


2 - Always Carry Your Flats


Sure, party wear and stylish shoes look great. But they’re not all that comfortable to walk on? Or are they?

These designer and stylish shoes are not meant for walking purposes. So whenever I have to do a lot of walking, the practice that I adopt to is carry a pair of flats with me.

They might not look the part or even go with my outfit but they’re comfortable to walk with and that’s always a help.

So when you have to do a lot of walking, carry a pair of foldable flats with you that are always going to come in handy.


3 - Find A Good Cobbler

Yes, you read that right. You don’t always have to visit a cobbler only when your shoes are broken or worn out. You can always visit a cobbler for regular maintenance of your shoes.

If you want your shoes to look clean, shiny, and pristine all the time, you MUST make sure to fit the cobbler visits into your budget. Find a good cobbler you can trust and visit them every once a while so that your shoes are getting the care they deserve - especially the expensive one’s.

4 - Get Better Storage For Your Shoes

Get Better Storage For Your Shoes

I will be honest - this could easily be the number 1 tip because storage space for your shoes is the most important thing in the maintenance of your shoes.

Before I had proper storage shelves made for all my shoes, most of them ended up being stocked over one another in a pile. And the end result was that they didn’t last much longer.

But now I can safely say that having proper storage space has helped a lot in keeping my shoes looking like new, all the time.

If anybody else has any other shoe tips they would like to share, feel free to hit the comments sections below.

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